Reappointment Begins June 1, 2023 for UC Master Gardener Volunteers

May 31, 2023

We just wanted to take a moment before the reappointment process starts (June, 1) to show our appreciation for the volunteers who are the heart and soul of the UC Master Gardener Program. Thanks to you, the program is making a real difference, and we couldn't do it without you! We would be thrilled if you joined us for another year of assisting gardeners and sharing research-based home horticulture, pest management, and sustainable landscape knowledge with Californians by completing reappointment.

UC Master Gardener Program volunteers can build on their outstanding work during the 2022-23 program year by reappointing for 2023-24. Annual reappointment is required for all volunteers working with UC Agriculture and Natural Resources (UC ANR).

Please read this update thoroughly and direct any questions regarding the reappointment process to your program coordinator, advisor, or county director. Reappointment takes place from June 1 through July 31. The process for reappointment can be done in 4 easy steps!

Step One: Select "Please Complete!" in VMS

• Log into VMS,
• Select "Please Complete!" under "Reappointment" in right column of your VMS home screen


Step Two: Click on and electronically sign all three forms

  • Annual Agreement and Request for Reappointment
  • Code of Conduct/Responsibilities and Rights
  • Proof of California Driver's License and Automotive Liability Insurance



Step Three: Verify' Date Completed' column displays the date completed and print a copy for your records if desired.

Once you complete reappointment, the reappointment window will no longer appear on your VMS screen.

Step Four: Submit Insurance Fee (if required in your county)

The UC Master Gardener Program requires a $6.00 fee to cover accident and injury insurance. This fee is collected locally by county personnel, paid for by county fundraising, or combined with a county membership fee. All active, limited-active volunteers should contact their local UC Cooperative Extension program coordinator, advisor or county director for more information about local county requirements and, if required, how to submit payment.

Reappointment Tips and FAQs:

Below please find a few examples of commonly asked reappointment questions. Learn more by reviewing the 'Step-by-Step Guide to Completing Reappointment (for Volunteers).'

Q1: Who must complete the reappointment process?
The reappointment process is mandatory for all UC Master Gardeners with the following status and achievement including:

Active AND Limited Active

• First Year Master Gardener
• Master Gardener
• Gold Badge
• Platinum Badge


Q2: I did not complete my minimum required volunteer and continuing education hours during the 2022-23 program year. Am I still eligible for reappointment?

Volunteers always have the option of reappointing even if they have not completed the mandatory minimum volunteer and continuing education hours. Individual circumstances may vary. Read through the options below and connect with local UC Master Gardener Program personnel to determine which action is most appropriate for your situation:

  • Volunteers may select the "Not Completed Hours, Seeking Reappointment" option when completing their reappointment process. These volunteers work with their coordinators to makeup hours, as appropriate during the subsequent program year.
  • Finally, some volunteers may be experiencing barriers to participation that will not immediately resolve. These volunteers will select the "Seeking Limited Active status" option when completing their reappointment process. Limited Active volunteers must complete reappointment (including submission of their insurance fee), but are not required to complete hours during their Limited Active year. Per 2021 statewide guidance, limited active status may exceed one year with no expectation of 'making up' hours once back on active status.


Q3: How many hours do I need to volunteer for reappointment? 
The minimum hours required to remain an active UC Master Gardener volunteer are:

• 25 hours - Volunteer
• 12 hours - Continuing education

Note: First-year UC Master Gardener volunteers are required to complete a minimum of 50 volunteer hours (with no continuing education requirement) during their first full year as UC Master Gardener Program volunteers.


Q4: What is the date range for calculating hours for reappointment? 
Hours are calculated for the period of July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2023.


Q5: Where do I send my payment?
Please check with yourlocal UC Cooperative Extension program coordinator, advisor or county director about where and how to submit payment. The statewide office does not collect fees or payments directly from volunteers for reappointment.


By Lauren Snowden
Author - Statewide Training Coordinator