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Looking for gardening advice?  Have a pest problem?  Wondering which plants are drought resistant?  You’ve come to the right place!  Follow the menus to helpful information about gardening in Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Benito Counties. Ahora también tenemos recursos en español.

Monterey Bay Master Gardener Blog

  • Succulents in a Garden of Grasses

    Added June 19, 2016

    Observations at Succulent Gardens Nursery Three months into the yearlong internship I did at Succulent Gardens in Castroville and I was mesmerized. Succulent Extravaganza is an annual event for this nursery, and in 2014 a dozen or so sample gardens were...

  • Earwig-o Again!

    Added May 25, 2016
    Earwigs on yarrow flowers.

    I don't know about you, but this year earwigs seem to be everywhere. They are literally taking over my garden and home! They have never really bothered me before because I know that they can play a beneficial role, but they're out in full force...

What's New From The UC Blogs

  • Gophers in Your Garden? Try the Gophinator!

    Added July 26, 2016

    If you have gophers eating plants in your garden or landscape, you'll want to watch this brand new video about the Gophinator trap from UC IPM. The Gophinator is a highly successful method for catching gophers. The video has easy-to-follow instructions...

  • Bully in the Bee Garden

    Added July 26, 2016
    Male European wool carder bee (Anthidium manicatum)targets a female Valley carpenter bee (Xylocopa varipuncta) on a bluebeard (Caryopteris). (Photo by Kathy Keatley Garvey)

    He's the bully in the bee garden. If you've ever watched the male European wool carder bee (Anthidium manicatum) patrolling "his" flower patch, you'll see him targeting insects several times larger than he is. Take the case of the Valley carpenter bee...

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