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Looking for gardening advice?  Have a pest problem?  Wondering which plants are drought resistant?  You’ve come to the right place!  Follow the menus to helpful information about gardening in Santa Cruz, Monterey, and San Benito Counties. Ahora también tenemos recursos en español.

Monterey Bay Master Gardener Blog

  • Go Native!

    Added September 17, 2016
    Sticky monkeyflower bloom. Photo: © Carol Nickbarg

    The global economy means that plant lovers now have access to a vast variety of plant species. However, there are several reasons a gardener may want to stick with the plants that are native to his or her own neighborhood. Drought-tolerance As...

  • Successful Fall Vegetable Gardening

    Added September 5, 2016
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    This article was originally posted in August 2013 but the information is very appropriate for us right now. Thanks, Paul! An increasing number of you are starting a cool season, or fall and winter garden this year. This is fantastic news, as those who...


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  • Pesticide Safety Train-the-Trainer, Fall 2016

    Added September 27, 2016
    personal protective equipment

    The UC IPM Pesticide Safety Program has scheduled a series of EPA-approved Pesticide Safety Instructor Training Workshops for this fall. Participants completing the training will be qualified to train both fieldworkers and pesticide handlers. Come learn...

  • That Amazing Migrating Monarch Project

    Added September 27, 2016
    This migratory monarch, released Aug. 28 from Ashland, Ore. and tagged with monarch@wsu.edu  A6093, nectared on Mexican sunflower in Vacaville, Calif. on Sept. 5. (Photo by Kathy Keatley Garvey)

    He may have been “born" in an Ashland, Ore., vineyard. But at least we know he hails from Ashland. That's what we learned about the male monarch that fluttered into our pollinator garden in Vacaville, Calif. on Monday, Sept. 5 (Labor Day) on his...

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