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Monterey Bay Master Gardeners is a non-profit 501(c)(3) program supporting the work of the UC Master Gardeners of Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties program.

Class Resources & Handouts

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Garden Tool TLC

November 2022

Instructor: UC Master Gardener Susan Udyess

Class Recording (54 min)

Slide deck (PDF)

Growing Microgreens Year Round

October 2022

Instructor: UC Master Gardener Beth McGuire

Class Presentation

Grow Great Garlic

October 2022

Instructor: Pete Rasmussen, Sandhill Farm

Class Recording (1 hr, 27 min)

Class Presentation (PDF)

How to Plant Garlic instructional video (6 min)

Fall Gardening on the Central Coast

September 2022

Instructors: UC Master Gardeners Bridget Matz & Delise Weir

Class Presentation (PDF)

Class Recording (1 hour, 27 minutes)


Getting Started with Citrus

Date: June 2022

Instructor: UC Master Gardener Loretta Heath

Class Presentation with links to additional resources (PDF)

Class Recording (1 hour, 28 minutes)

Worm Composting/Vermiculture

Date: May 2022

Instructor: UC Master Gardener and Master Composter Bridget Matz 

Class recording (01:22:31)

Presentation with links to resources

Container Gardening Basics & Beyond

Date: April 2022

Instructors: UC Master Gardeners Anastatia Foster and Sue Proctor

Class recording (01:32:53)

Presentation (PDF)

Handout: Container Gardening 101 and 102 (PDF. Courtesy of UC Master Gardeners of Santa Clara County)

Integrated Pest Management: Early Spring Pests in the Garden
Starting Your Summer Vegetable Garden

Date: March 2022

Instructors: UC Master Gardeners Bridgit Matz and Delise Weir

Presentation, including links to resources

Winter Fruit Tree Pruning Techniques

Date: February 2022

Instructor: UC Master Gardener Diane Mahan

Presentation, including reference and resources

Class Recording (1 hour, 13 minutes)

Growing Tomatoes, Peppers and Eggplant from Seed

Date: January 2022

Instructor: UC Master Gardener Delise Weir

Presentation, including reference and resource links

Class Presentation Video (01:15:00)

Straw Bale Gardening

Date: October 2021

Instructor: UC Master Gardeners Anastatia Foster and Delise Weir

Presentation, including resource links

Class Presentation Video (01:15:00)

Central Coast Native Plant Overview

Date: October 2021

Instructors: UC Master Gardeners Janice Kuch and Beth McGuire

Presentation, including resource links

Kid-Friendly Gardens

Date: September 2021

Instructor: UC Master Gardener Anne Jensen

Kid-Friendly Gardens presentation (with resource links)

Kid-Friendly Gardens class video (00:54:00)

Drought-Tolerant Perennials

Date: September 2021

Instructor: UC Master Gardener Scott Adams


Class Video (01:28:00)

Victory Gardens - Self-Paced Module

Author: UC Master Gardener James Lake

Date: June 2021

This self-paced module walks through the history of Victory Gardens and provides basic, step-by-step instructions to starting one in your own backyard. Includes resource lists to articles, books and videos.

Available in English and in Espanol.

Read more

Fall Veggie Gardening Basics

Date: September 1, 2021

Instructors: UC Master Gardeners Delise Weir & Bridget Matz

Fall Veggie Gardening Basics presentation (PDF) - includes Reference and Resource list

Fall Veggie Gardening Basics class video (01:17:51)

Fall Planting Guide from Seed - Monterey Bay Area (Google spreadsheet)

Ask a Master Gardener LIVE! Q&A - Aug 2021
Greywater: Laundry to Landscape

Date: July 2021

Instructor: UC Master Gardener Stephanie Kister Campbell

Greywater: Laundry to Landscape presentation (PDF)

Greywater: Laundry to Landscape class recording (01:00:23)

Hummingbird Gardening for the Central Coast
Growing Food in Containers

Date: June 2021

Instructors: UC Master Gardeners Delise Weir &  Anastatia Foster

Growing Food in Containers presentation (PDF)

Growing Food in Containers class recording (01:27:25)


Vegetable Varieties/Cultivars Suitable for Containers

Chix in the City, Hens in the Hood

Date: May 2021

Instructor: UC Master Gardener Candace McClaren

Chix in the City, Hens in the Hood presentation (PDF)

Chix in the City, Hens in the Hood class recording (01:19:49)

Plant Communities: Our Gardens as Habitats

Date: May 2021

Instructors: UC Master Gardeners Carol Nickbarg & Mandy Salm

Plant Communities: Our Gardens as Habitats class recording (01:30:30)


Basic Steps to Create Gardens as Habitat

Resources for Gardens as Habitat

Worm Composting/Vermiculture

Date: May 2021

Instructor: UC Master Gardener Bridget Matz

Worm Composting/Vermiculture presentation (PDF)

Worm Composting/Vermiculture class recording (01:14:24)

(Note: Unfortunately, the recording started late and is missing a few introductory slides but 99% of the instructional content is included.)

Summer Garden Basics

Date: April 2021

Instructor: UC Master Gardener Delise Weir

Covers what to plant in April and May on the California Central Coast. Overview of soil preparation, water conservation and pest management

Summer Garden Basics presentation (PDF)

Summer Garden Basics class recording (01:19:58)

Vertebrate Pests: Gophers, Deer & Birds

Date: March 8, 2020 Instructors: Trink Praxel & Delise Weir

Download the presentation: IPM for Vertebrate Pests for series 3-8-2020-DD

Download the deer resistant plant list: Deer Resistant Plant list-K-S


Chix in the City- Hens in the Hood

Date: February 2020 Instructor: Candice McLaren

Download the presentation: Chix in City preso hand out 2020

Newcastle disease handout: Newcastle disease information 2019

Notes on vaccines:  Notes from UC Davis on vaccines

Backyard Flock Program: Popular Backyard Flock Program 2013  


Organic Fruit Trees from the Ground Up

Learn how to Select, Plant, Grow and Care for Bare Root Fruit Trees

Instructor: Arborist, Terence Welch

Class Materials: Presentation Planting Bare Root 2020


Backyard Compost and Vermicompost Workshop

Learn how to turn your yard waste and food scraps into a valuable resource for your garden.

Instructor: UC Master Gardener Bridget Matz

Class Materials: 

Presentation Compost Basics Workshop 2017-03 (1)

Handout Compost Basics Workshop 2019_12_7_


Future Proof Your Soil: Cover Crops and Low Till Gardening

Learn basic soil science, all about cover crops and how to get started with Low and No-till gardening

Instructor: UC Master Gardener Delise Weir

Class Materials:

Presentation Soils Cover Crops 2019

Handout Cover Crop Soil Resource Sheet 2019


Gardening with Beautiful Native Plants

Discover tools for selecting and placing the best California native plants for your location.

Instructor: UC Master Gardener Janice Kuch

Class Materials

Gardening with Beautiful Native Plants (Presentation) - PDF, large

Gardening with Native Plants-Central Coast


Additional Class Handouts

Popular California Native Plants

Native Plants for Containers-Monterey County

Easy Native Annual Wildflowers-Central Coast

Easy Native Groundcovers Shrubs-Central Coast


Container Gardening - Basics & Beyond 2019

From choosing the right pot to maintaining a healthy container garden.

Instructors: Sue Proctor and Anastatia Foster

Download the Container Gardening Presentation: Container Gardening Basics and Beyond 4-7-19

Download condensed Container Gardening Presentation for printing: Container Gardening Basics and Beyond4-7-19


Pruning in Action 2019

Learn the proper techniques for pruning a variety of fruit trees and shrubs.

Instructor: Diane Mahan

Download the Class Handout: Pruning in Action 2019


Replacing Your Lawn

Plant lists including native plants to replace thirsty lawn and turf. 

Handout Replacing Lawn resources-1




Introduction to Edible Landscaping

Planning basics for incorporating edibles into your landscape design. 

Presentation: Edible LandscapingBA022019jc

Handout: edible landscaping handout


Planning your Vegetable Garden

Veggie garden planning basics with tips and charts, layout ideas plus online tools. 

UCMG veg garden planning 2019

Planting guide Santa Cruz County

vegie planting guide Monterey bay area


Spring Into Seeds - Seed starting 2019

Step-by-step seed starting basics and best practices. 

Instructor: Delise Weir

Download the Presentation:  feb 2019_FFG Sowing Workshop DD

Planting Guide Reference: all year seed starting planting guide


Growing Great Strawberries 2019

Strawberry cultivation - care, feeding and crop boosting strategies.

Instructor: Dawn Avery

Download the Strawberry Presentation: Strawberry Presentation 2019

Download the Condensed Strawberry Presentation for Printing:  Strawberry Presentation Codensed PDF


Grape Pruning

Grapevine care, pruning and tool sharpening 

Instructors: Art Nathan & Earnest Franco

Download the Grapevine presentation: Home Vineyard Presentation 1-19-2019

Download the condensed Grapevine presentation for printing: Home Vineyard Presentation 1-19-2019

Download the Tool Care outline: How to Sharpen Gardening and Pruning Tools.docx


Basics of Rose Care

The basics of rose care, pruning, feeding and pest control

Instructor: Dawn Avery

Download the presentation:  UCMG Basics of Rose Care


Backyard and Worm Composting

Composting basics and tips for home gardeners. 


Compost Basics Workshop 2017-03

A convenient truth - basic composting v2c (compress)


Seed Saving

The basics of seed saving.




Seed Starting for Fall Gardens

Seed starting class with a focus on fall vegetables and flowers.

Class outline  Seed starting outline

Fall seed starting chart  Fall seed starting chart


Basics of Fall Vegetable Gardening

Survey class for beginning Gardeners starting in Fall

Fall Gardening Basics Presentation  UCMG fall gardening basics 2018 ver 1

Fall Gardening Basics Handout  Fall planting chart


Wildlife Vertebrate Pest Class

How to deal with garden pests with Fur & Feathers above and below ground.

Presentation IPM for Vertebrate Pests 3-15-19

Deer resistant plants Deer Resistant Plant list-QHR pest class 3-2019


The Buzz About Bees

Introduction to bee keeping with Randi Fox. 



Grow Great Strawberries

From UC Master Gardener Dawn Avery who presented this deck in Watsonville  March 31st, 2018. Grow Great Strawberries  Strawberries demo garden 3-2018


Soil & Plant Nutrition

From UC Master Gardener Dawn Avery who presented this deck to Master Gardeners at the April 2018 quarterly meeting.

Soil & Plant Nutrition  Basic_Soil_Plant_Nutrition


Herbs in the Garden

From UC Master Gardener Susan Brown who presented this deck to Master Gardeners at the April 2018 quarterly meeting.

Herb Gardening 101  Herb Gardening 101


Strawberries Monterey Bay 2017

From advisor and UCANR director Mark Bolda presented this deck to Master Gardeners at the Nov 2017 quarterly meeting.

Strawberries in California  Strawberries in California- MG Salinas


Straw Bale and Hugelkulture Gardening

Date : July 22, 2017  Instructors: Paula Fisler and Karina Gaille

Handout on Straw Bale gardening  Strawbale Gardening Workshop branded

Handout on Hugelkulture gardening  Hugelkultur class july 2017


Integrated Pest Management Basics

Date : May 26, 2018  Instructors: Delise Weir and Trink Praxel

Presentation (.pdf format) UCMG IPM v3.1

Hand outs  Checklist for Plant Diagnosis and  Monitoring and Insectary plant list


Starting a Summer Garden

Date: May 27, 2017   Instructor: Carol King

Handouts  Vegetable Garden Basics and  Reading list for Seed Saving Class


Soil Prep for Your Vegetable Garden

Date: April 23, 2017   Instructor: Delise Weir

Download the presentation:  UCMG Soil prep-full 2018

Class handouts   Soil Prep Resource Sheet Soil ammendment source list