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Smart Gardening Fair 2017

Presentations and Demonstrations


Smart Gardening Fair is a free educational event presented by the UC Master Gardeners of Monterey Bay on Saturday, May 13th, at Jewell Park in Pacific Grove. It is is a colorful marketplace of “all things gardening” with a special focus on sustainable and water-wise practices! Come enjoy:

WAC Booth
Speakers and Demonstrations on a variety of timely gardening topics. (See schedule below.)

Information Booths by community organizations and gardening related businesses offering lots of information, goods and services.

Food and Drink Booths to make it a fun and memorable day.

Children's Booth



10 AM - Cathy Haas - Propagation
11 AM - Margot Grych - California  Natives
12 PM - Carmel Orchid Society - An Introduction to our Favorite Orchids
1 PM - Patrick Regan - California Native Plants for Feeding Butterflies
2 PM - Ramie Allard - Designing Where You Are: Climate, Soil & Plants


- Basics/Intro to Pruning, Carol Nickbarg  | 9am -12pm
- Teas - Growing Your Own Herbal Infusions, Sara Steiner | 9am - 3pm
- Chicks in the City, Hens in the Hood, Rosamond Mark | 12pm - 3pm
- Beekeeping, Gary Orton | 9am - 3pm
- Orchid Potting, MBMG Sandi Fox | 9am - 3pm

Presentation Information

10:00 am Cathy Haas:  Plant Propagation Made Simple

Learn how to reproduce your own plants for free using common tools and materials  and easy plant propagation methods such as seeds, stem and leaf cuttings, division, layering and bulbs! These methods will be discussed and demonstrated for you to learn and use in your own garden!

Cathy Haas is the Professor Emeritus of Ornamental Horticulture from both Hartnell College and Monterey Peninsula College, having taught a total of 38 years. She began gardening at the age of 13 and still gardens today! She is also an avid photographer, traveler, guitar player and singer.

11:00 am Margot Grych: "Yes We CAN" and should include California Native Plants (CAN) in our Landscapes

The benefits are multi-fold.  We can provide for the myriad of native pollinators, add a natural aesthetic, and reduce water use.  Raising awareness of the diversity and beauty of California native plants benefits our communities."

Margot Grych works with gardeners of all ages. For the past 8 years, she has held the position of Garden Teacher at Tularcitos Elementary in Carmel Valley and has taught in the horticulture department at Monterey Peninsula College and in the Older Adult Program. Over the years she has worked in many historical gardens, including Filoli, Tor House, and Cooper Molera.  Margot is currently teaching a course on Garden Design and a course on Growing and Using California Native Plants in the Ornamental Horticulture program at MPC.  Margot teaches about many CA natives for use in the home garden.

12:00 pm Carmel Orchid Society: An Introduction to our Favorite Orchids - You May Grow in your Yard, or in Your Home.

We are fortunate to live in a climate so favorable to growing a wide variety or orchids. We will share with you our 35 years of growing experience and attempt to answer the question, Why do my orchids always die? We will share with you some orchid examples of cymbidiums, dendrobium kingianums, reed stem epidendrums, masdevallias, zygopedalums, all of which may thrive in your yard. Indoors, we will share our culture tips and tricks for the cattleya alliance, oncidiums, and more dendrobiums. We will show you how easy it is to repot some of these beauties, and show you how to determine when to perform this task.

Andy's Orchids Cultural Tips
Masdevallia Orchids
Sobralia Care

Carmel Orchid Society | www.carmelorchidsociety.org

Carolyn Salmon and Pat Landee each have 35 plus years experience growing orchids as hobbyists. Pat is a lifetime member of the Carmel Orchid Society and Carolyn is currently a board member as well. They are both avid gardeners who have wide ranging interests in a variety of plants. Carolyn maintains a greenhouse and Pat has an amazing atrium.

1:00 pm Patrick Regan: I’ve got butterflies...you can too. California native plants for feeding butterflies.

A brief but spirited introduction to California native plants that look great in a Central coast garden and delicious to native butterflies. California's native wildflowers, perennials, shrubs and trees can be spectacular in the wild and in a garden. In both places they provide important shelter, larval food and nectar for dozens of showy and not so showy butterflies that call the Monterey Bay area home. This talk will focus primarily on nectar producers for a broad range of species.

CA Coast Monarch Plant List
Resources for Butterfly Natural History and Nectar plants
Butterfly Nectar Plants

Patrick Regan is a Professional Naturalist with over 30 years’ experience in botany, herpetology and native plant horticulture. He is a widely respected native plant expert in field identification, propagation, restoration and horticultural applications.  Holding multiple licenses and memorandums of understanding, enables him to collect or translocate and or salvage rare and endangered species of plants and animals.  Patrick has extensive experience and expertise in: habitat assessment, project compliance monitoring, restoration projects, seed collection and propagation of hundreds of California native plant species.

Regan Biological and Horticultural Consulting | http://www.reganbhc.com/

2:00 pm Ramie Allard: Designing Where You Are; Climate, Soil and Plants

This will be an interactive hour of presenting garden situations dealing with our climate, soil and best suited plant material for our area.  The attendees will look at their gardens differently after this conversation.

Ramie Allard provides residential landscape design and installation services on the Monterey Peninsula.  Ramie relocated from Redlands, California in 2011 and has been designing and installing gardens for 12 years.  She has participated in seminars for Landscape Designers, Master Gardeners and the public speaking on Designing with Mediterranean Climate Plants, Invasive Plant Species and Ocean Friendly Garden Design. A Licensed Landscape Contractor, she also holds a G3 Sustainable Certificate from the Green Gardens Group Los Angeles and Landscape Design Certificate from the California School of Landscape Design, Auburn, CA.  Ramie serves as Chair for the Surfrider Monterey Bay Ocean Friendly Garden.

Blue Door Garden Design:|  bluedoorgardendesign.com/bdgd/designer 

Surfrider Surfrider Foundation - Protect Oceans,Waves & Beaches |  www.surfrider.org/


Beekeeping - Gerry Orton

Gerry Orton is a beekeeper in Monterey.  His interest in beekeeping began at last year's Master Gardner Fair after visiting the bee demonstration booth.   A week after the fair, while working in the garden, he was stung by a honeybee.  This led to the discovery of bee colony nesting in his garden tool cabinet. He moved the colony into a hive, and so began his beekeeping hobby.  One might say, it was love at first sting.    

Gerry, a fourteen year resident, lives with his girlfriend who shares his love of beekeeping.  When not tending to bees, Gerry pursues his passion, performing Improvisation Theater.

Teas - Growing your own herbal infusions - Sara Steiner

From vitamin C in spruce needles to soporific California poppy, learn about traditional as well as less well-known plants that make tasty and beneficial herbal infusions.

Sara Steiner, winemaker turned estate artisan grower, is the proprietor of San Benito Tea Company. Specializing in herbs grown at her Three Horse Farms and wild collected botanicals, her unique and health conscious blends are available on line and at various farmers markets. Sara will explain the variety of herbs that can be used for beneficial infusions and, how to harvest, dry, blend and package your own.

Thinking about Getting Chickens? - Piper Rindt

Stop by and meet some real live chickens and get your questions about chickens answered by also friendly owner, Rosamond Mark.

Introduction to Pruning -  Carol Nickbarg  9am - noon

The objective of pruning is to produce strong, healthy, attractive plants. Carol’s demo provides an introduction to the basics and pruning guidelines.

Tree Care
Landscape Plants
Inspect Your Landscape Trees for Hazards
Inspect Your Trees -Spanish

Sandi Fox - Orchid Potting

Anxious to repot your orchids? To find out when to repot, best potting medium to use and additional information check out Master Gardener, Sandi Fox’s presentation, at the orchid potting booth in the Demo area.

Children’s Booth

Alison Kerr and Maryann McCormick, two Monterey Bay Master Gardeners, will be facilitating the Children's Activities booth.  Look forward to a scavenger hunt of the Smart Gardening Fair.

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