Plant Profiles: Sungold Tomato

Jun 26, 2017

Have you eaten Sungold tomatoes? They are a cherry tomato with golden yellow 1” fruits that taste like summer bliss. Although it's a little late in the season, if you can find a Sungold tomato start, please buy one, plant it, and be prepared to share your bounty with all your neighbors. I have some neighbors that ask about my Sungolds every time I share any other tomato variety with them! (Hint: as of this morning Annie's Annuals had Sungold seedlings available for mail order). 

Sungolds are an F1 hybrid, meaning it has two different tomato plant varieties for parents where one variety is pollinated by the other variety's pollen. You can buy seeds for Sungold tomatoes but if you save seeds from your Sungold cherry tomatoes and plant them next year, they may not grow up to resemble or taste like a Sungold.

One reason Sungolds are so yummy is that they have high sugar content. One website that sells the seeds and starts says they have “explosively sweet flavor.” They mature in 55 to 65 days and the plant can grow up to 10 ft tall. Because they are indeterminate producers, they will continue to produce tomatoes which ripen throughout the growing period. According to Bonnie Plants they are resistant to Verticillium wilt (V), fusarium (F), and tobacco mosaic virus (TMV). Click here if you'd like to learn more about tomato pests and how to manage them.

Once you have your Sungold cherry tomatoes, make a tomato salad!

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