UC Master Gardeners of Monterey & Santa Cruz Counties
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UC Master Gardeners of Monterey & Santa Cruz Counties

Gardening With Beautiful Native Plants Sunday- Sept. 8th 2019- Felton

Date: September 8, 2019

Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Contact: Sue at sprocter@cruzio.com

Sponsor: UC Master Gardeners of Monterey & Santa Cruz

Location: Quail Hollow Ranch

Event Details

Gardening with Native Plants Native plants provide the beauty and foundation for healthy ecosystems. Did you know that Santa Cruz County is home to 1,000+ native plant species? This diversity creates options in landscape designs and offers ways to work in harmony with nature. Native plants local to your site are uniquely adapted to thrive in your soils and once established, on natural rainfall.

Join UC Master Gardeners Janice Kuch and Mary Zinkievich as they give you the tools for selecting and locating the right plants for your location.  Whether you are gardening in containers, have a small yard or a larger plot, native plants can add resiliency to your landscape, help you protect natural resources, and preserve our state‚Äôs biodiversity.

Participants will receive practical handouts, plant lists, tips, and strategies to maximize results. Live specimens will be on display and additional interpretive materials will assist in visualizing your garden. In addition, because no garden is without weeds, weed identification and eradication information will be available.

Please arrive 15 min early to check-in or register, walk-ins are always welcome!

Cost $5.00


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