UC Master Gardeners of Monterey & Santa Cruz Counties
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UC Master Gardeners of Monterey & Santa Cruz Counties

Reimagine Your Yard: Replacing your Lawn on a Budget

Date: October 18, 2018

Time: 7:00 AM - 8:30 PM

Contact: Karen Cozza Kacozza@gmail.com

Sponsor: UC Master Gardeners of Monterey & Santa Cruz

Location: Santa Cruz Museum of Natural History

Event Details

As water supply conditions become more variable and water rates increase, the costs of maintaining traditional lawns becomes prohibitive. Many of us have thirsty lawns but have questions about removing them. Will it be expensive? Will the garden look messy? Will it require more work? Can we still walk and play in the yard? Others may want to see more wildlife and color in their garden without increasing water usage. Learn the answers to these questions and ways to shrink your water bill while boosting your garden’s beauty and usefulness.

General Admission $12, Children $6, Museum Members 50% off.


Bill Henry, Director of Groundswell Coastal Ecology will share his experiences restoring and replacing the Museum’s front lawn with a Coastal Prairie.


Toby Goddard and Neal Christen work for the City of Santa Cruz’s water conservation department and will share information and answer questions about the City's lawn replacement rebate program.

Master Gardeners Karen Cozza and Julia Davenport will get participants started on the right foot with recommendations for plant selection and design, with an emphasis on planting CA native plants for habitat services and low water usage.

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