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2021 Spring Plant Sale

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Over 20 Varieties of Tomatoes (see variety chart below)

Squash, Cucumbers, Eggplant, Lettuces, Arugulas, Chard, Spinach

Mustard Greens, Pak Choy, Kales, Beets, Onions, Broccoli,  Beans, Tomatillos



Early Jalapenos, Purple Beauty, Shishito, Padron, TexMex Joe Parker

Sierra Fuego, Jalapeno, Pizza My Heart, Poblanos

Jimmy Nardello’s Pepper, Cayenne Fiesta, Habanada, Lipstick Pimento



Marjoram, Cilantro, Society Garlic, Basils, English Lavender

French Thyme, Parsley, Greek Oregano, Cumin, Chives, Dill


California Natives

Ceanothus "Ray Hartman", Ceanothus "Snow Flurry", Redtwig Dogwood, Red-flowered buckwheat, Silk-tassel tree



Bee’s Bliss, Pozo Blue, Dara’s Choice, Big Swing

Clary Sage, White Sage, Golden Chia and more


Bulbs, Houseplants & Succulents


Flowering Plants

Ribes, Cuphea lanceolata, Echium


Seasonal & Gift Items (Limited Inventory)

Tomato Cages (5'), Succulent Arrangements

Decorated Terracotta Pots

Fresh Flower Mini-Bouquets (roses)


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Spotlight: Tomatoes

Tomatoes are the single most popular summer garden edible crop grown in the US. Vine-ripened tomatoes, juicy and flavorful and still sun-warm, often barely even resemble what is sold in our markets. However, because the climates can vary so much in our geographic region--from daily fog banks (cool summers) to 8+ consistent hours of sun (hot summers)--it is important to consider which varieties of tomatoes will give you the most success.

We urge you to review the descriptions for the tomato varieties we have for sale. Select varieties that will do well according to your location of residence, your garden space, and reliable hours of sun.

Don’t be afraid to try a few new varieties, too! Here’s to your best tomato growing summer ever! 

Other tomato planting tips:

  • Tomatoes will do best in soil of 55+ degrees at night 
  • Container planting can artificially "up" temperatures (good for heat-loving eggplant, peppers, and some cucumbers, as well)
  • More mature tomato plants do best when planted (hairier, thicker stems); bury them deeply--up to their first leaves--when planting
  • Eggshells, bone or fish meal, rich compost--any of these can work wonders when planting
  • Avoid overwatering your tomatoes; water deeply but less frequently

Download the tomato variety list here: 2021 Spring Plant Sale - Tomato Varieties


2021 Tomato Variety Chart

 Tomato Variety Days to Maturity Growth Habit

Tolerates Cool Summers


Container Fruit Color/Shape Size Notes
Ace 80 days Determinate   * Large, bright red round

3-5' H

3' W

low acidity, crack resistant, slicing tom. NOT for canning. Needs staking.                  
Black Cherry 70 days Indeterminate    

Mahogany purple cherries

6-8' H

18" W

Heirloom; complex flavors, heavy clusters, often early
Black Krim 80 days Indeterminate     Purple/black skins, flattened shape

6' H

3' W

Heirloom, intense & juicy flavor
Brandywine 85 days Indeterminate     Large pink beefsteak shape

9' H

18" W

Heirloom juicy beefsteak; ripens late
Bush Early Girl 54 days Determinate   * Red medium fruit

18" H

24-36" W

Early, new hybrid, high yielding, compact
CampJoy Cherry 70 days Indeterminate     Red round cherries/ clusters

5-7' H

18" W

Full taste; prolific producer; heavy producer, heavy clusters
Cloudy Day 70 days Indeterminate *   Pure red medium size fruit 36-48" H & W Hybrid; high yield into late season, thrives in cool
Fourth of July 49 days Indeterminate   * Smaller round, red fruit

36-40" H

12-18" W

Reliably earliest non-cherry; rich flavor; will produce late, too.
Gardener's Delight 65 days Indeterminate     Bright red cherries

80" H

18-24" W

Sweet; Crack resistant; clusters of 6-12 tomatoes. Lasts all summer.
Isis Candy 90 days Indeterminate     Rosy-red cherry w/ yellow marbling

5-7' H

12" W

Fruity flavor; heavy clusters of cherries; vigorous vines
Italian Roma 80 days Indeterminate     Red, oblong shape

3' H

12" W

Firm. Excellent for paste/canning. Heavy producer.
Japanese Trifele Black 80-85 days Intederminate     Pear-shaped, green to black

60" H

24" W

Heirloom; Meaty/complex flavor; try this variety if you've had Heirloom trouble in past
Mortgage Lifter 80-85 days Indeterminate     Large meaty beefsteak fruit

36-40" H

18" W

Heirloom Slicer; very few seeds; prize winning cultivar
New Girl 62 days Indeterminate *   Medium size red round

5-6' H

2-3' W

Early; huge flavor; big climber; very disease resistant
Principe Borghese 75 days Indeterminate     Grape-shaped fruit, very red

48" H

24" W

Italian heirloom; for sauce/puree/paste/drying (on or off vine). Pole.
San Marzano 75 days Indeterminate     Sausage-shaped red 40-48" H, 18" W Italian import. Excellent for sauce/paste/canning
Stupice 60 days Indeterminate * * Small, slightly oval red

5-7' H

12" W

Early producer; excellent flavor
Sugary F1 60 days Indeterminate    


Deep pink fruit; pointed ovals

47" H

12" W

Like name, extra sweet; early and high yield; Clusters.
Summer Girl  49-52 days Indeterminate     Round, reddish slicer

55-60" H

40-45" W

Hybrid high yielder, early producer; disease resist.
Sungold 57 days Indeterminate   yes. big, needs stake Apricot/gold cherries in clusters

4-8' H

24" W

Ripens early; huge favorite. Prolific, stays firm longer than most.
Superbush 70 days Determinate * * Bright red full sized round

30-36" H

12" W

Space-saver, high yield, intense flavor
Sweet Gold Cherry 70 days Indeterminate     Golden Yellow round cherries

5-7' H

18" W

Can be early; Full, sweet flavor; vigorous climber
Unicorn 76 days Indeterminate     Bite-sized, bright red cherries

3' H

2' W

Hybrid, crack-resistant cocktail cherries